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We're looking for someone to join our team as a State Field Director to oversee our Grassroots Advocacy program.

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Now is your chance! The first 32 people to register will compete against one another by raising money for PCR. The four left standing will compete against our Grassroots Organizer, Ho Nguyen, to see who can eat one pie the fastest and become PCR First Ever Pie Eating Champion.

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Emerge: Sharing Our Voices, Supporting Our Choices.
Below are a comments (in verbatim) from previous Emerge participants. Names have been excluded to protect privacy. If you would like to sign-up to participate in Emerge or would like information on childcare availability please call Chrysalis at 612-871-0118 (option 1). If you have any questions about Emerge, please contact us at or 612-825-2000.

"I was looking for a post-abortion support group for over 10 years. This is the first one I found from New York to California. It's been life saving."

"This group has helped a lot. I looked forward to each Tuesday to discuss everything with the women I met. It helped me get out my feelings. I met people who understood what I was going through. We connected and I hope to get together with everyone outside the group. I am sad it ended and very glad I joined. The facilitators were understanding and provided a nonjudgmental place to share feelings."

"This group has truly changed my life! This experience has helped me to realize I am not alone and that I can begin to heal. I have met so many wonderful women that will remain my support network for long after the group ends. I am so thankful for this group!"

"Emerge taught me to pay attention to what I am feeling and how to cope with those feelings. The most useful was that I learned that it is okay to grieve the loss. Emerge is a wonderful setting to meet others that have been through what you have been through. Thank you to the wonderful counselors and the great women in the group."

"I no longer could experience internally or alone my grief, pain and isolation related to the loss of my child. The Emerge group was the option that most appealed to me. The discussion topics and opportunity to talk with other women helped me immensely to reduce grief and pain and has helped me listen to myself again in a way I had forgotten."

"I feel fortunate to have participated in the group. It's helped me in my healing process and we discussed so many issues associated with abortion. Thank you!"

"I came to Emerge scared and confused. However, when I got there, I was greeted with smiles and understanding. I was able to voice my feelings and share my thoughts with nonjudgmental women that sincerely understood what I was feeling. They all accepted me completely and we built a great friendship. Although the group may be different, I would definitely recommend Emerge to any woman in need of post-abortion support. It is wonderful and nonjudgmental. I loved Emerge."

"I thought I could deal with my experience on my own and I was finding myself hurting and isolating my emotions more without talking to anyone and dealing with my emotions on my own was not working. It was emotionally supportive to meet and speak with others who had and were experiencing similar emotions as I was. I have felt more at peace with myself and acceptance with my experience by expressing my feelings and learning that it is okay to feel sad and hurt and guilty as long as I can deal with those emotions and be able to set them aside and move on with my life."

"The father didn't really acknowledge my feelings when I was pregnant-he only asked, "are you still having your procedure done this week?" We had been friends but he seemed to shy away from me. I never even got a hug the night before from him. There were nine couples in the abortion clinic waiting room and I was the only one without a partner. After the abortion, the father totally ignored me even though I'd see him every day. I just needed a hug and "sorry what you've been through." A couple of times my hurt and frustration would cause me to yell at him, which just created more distance and he feared me. I fell into a very severe depression. I couldn't function. I couldn't sleep. I got down to 100 pounds and could barely take care of my kids. I searched all over for a post-abortion support group with no luck. I couldn't believe that I was the only person struggling. I had a previous abortion at age 21, and it wasn't this hard. It didn't seem like a "baby" to me at that age. But after raising two children I know now that I really did lose a living being inside me. I had no one in my life that really understood what I was going through, and I felt I had to keep it a secret. The emotions I struggle with most are anger, guilt, abandonment, embarrassment and secrecy. I was so relieved to call Chrysalis and find out they were starting a group, even though I had to wait a few months. Because I knew I will carry this experience the rest of my life. And I had to make a start to help myself and find support and some closure so I can move forward and be happy again. Going to group has helped me to be open with other women who've had similar mixed emotions as I have about a difficult choice. And I know I'm not alone."

This program is made possible with the support of the Otto Bremer Foundation.