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PCR is Hiring!

We're looking for someone to join our team as a State Field Director to oversee our Grassroots Advocacy program.

Always Dreamed of Competing in A Pie Eating Contest?

Now is your chance! The first 32 people to register will compete against one another by raising money for PCR. The four left standing will compete against our Grassroots Organizer, Ho Nguyen, to see who can eat one pie the fastest and become PCR First Ever Pie Eating Champion.

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April 2013: We are currently funding women and girls living in or having their abortions in MN, ND, SD, IA or WI who do not currently have the funds to pay for their abortion procedure AND are one or more of the following:

  • Young Women ages 21 and under (previously this was young women 18 and under)
  • Women who are 13+ weeks along
  • Women who have experienced sexual violence or domestic violence
  • Women who are currently homeless or incarcerated
  • Women with health concerns for themselves or the fetus
  • Minnesota women who have applied for Medical Assistance but whose applications are currently pending may qualify for our Medicaid Gap Program.

If you fit the above criteria, please call 612-825-2000 on Wednesday mornings from 9-11am Central time.

Hersey Abortion Assistance Fund. In 1977, the Hyde Amendment eliminated Medicaid funding to pay for the costs of an abortion; Pro-Choice Resources responded by creating the Hersey Abortion Assistance Fund (HAAF) to assist low-income women with the costs of abortion. The Fund is administered over the telephone in order to simplify the process for women seeking financial assistance.

The mission of HAAF is to dismantle the economic restrictions and barriers to information that make vital reproductive health care inaccessible for too many women, especially young women, women of color, and poor women.

Want to know what HAAF recipients are saying? Click here to read their stories.

HAAF gives loans to women over 18, and grants to minors to assist in the cost of their abortion procedure. We provide equal access for all women to help pay for their abortions regardless of race, age, economic circumstances, religious background, sexual identity, ability or pregnancy circumstances. Loans are interest free and repayments are used to help other women and girls in need.

Two-thirds of our dollars are given to women and girls having their procedures in Minnesota, North Dakota or South Dakota.

Seven out of every eight women
who call HAAF are turned away due to our own lack of resources; HAAF could give away half a million dollars every year.

Whenever possible, we strive to provide women and their families with resources and referrals to agencies regarding all reproductive health information, including abortion, adoption, parenting, STI and HIV testing, emergency contraception and mental and physical health.

PCR's Statement Regarding the Murder of Dr. Tiller.