There is no escaping the fact that this week’s election result is a setback for the hard won milestones we have achieved. The threat to reproductive rights and Reproductive Justice has always been real, but now those moving into power have made it one of their top priorities to push back and dismantle the progress we have made.

It would be a lie to say that today I am not fearful of what may lie ahead, but this fear will fade and courage and boldness will once again move into its place.

I am confident that at PCR we will do what we do best.  We will work in community. We will stand with our immigrant families and Muslim communities, we will push for the continued rights of our LGBTQ communities so no gains are lost, we will continue to fight for communities of color, and for families struggling to survive.  We will continue to take risks, push open closed doors, and break down the barriers we have continuously faced.

We are often told in our work “now is not a good time, let’s wait and try another time.”  Well this week has shown us that there has never been a more important time to work harder to break free from the bonds of reproductive oppression. Operating in the status quo doesn’t create change, it hasn’t resulted in the type of community we so dearly want for our families. In order to create real change we have to put an end to the systemic levels of oppression that many in our country have chosen to continue to embrace.  We also know that in order to make Reproductive Freedom a reality, we have to support and lift up the people who are most impacted by the restrictive policies and laws that we are sure will increase tenfold come January 2017.

Entering into PCR’s 50th Anniversary year, we will be faced with a highly charged, divisive social and political climate throughout our country.  If you have supported PCR in the past it is critical for you to step up and generously give so PCR can remain a vital force.  Give so that we can defend and advance Reproductive Justice and abortion access for all people, and remain a local leader in addressing the intersections of Reproductive Freedom with the broader spectrum of social justice issues.

My promise to you and to the people we serve, is that I will not let us remain in fear. I will not let the forces of reproductive oppression isolate and exclude us; there is too much at risk.

In moments of uncertainty, I seek solace in the words of others and I can think of no one better to call on than Maya Angelou.


I hope you will rise and take action, I hope you will rise and make our voices heard and I hope you will rise and support the work of Pro-Choice Resources.  The time is now.

In Peace and Justice,


Karen Law

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