Mission & Vision

Our Mission, Vision, Promise and Values guide us in our work to advance Reproductive Justice:

Mission: Our Justice works to ensure that all people and communities have the power and resources to make sexual and reproductive health decisions with self-determination and dignity.

Vision: We envision a world free of reproductive oppression.  Nothing less.

Promise: We promise to defend and advance sexuality and reproductive choice as a human right by providing resources and education.

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 2.29.02 PMValues:

Self-Determination & Dignity – We honor people’s power to have full control over their bodies and livelihood.

Equity & Inclusion – We work tirelessly toward creating spaces in which marginalized people and communities can leverage their power in decision-making and leadership roles.

Ingenuity & Bravery – We encourage innovative approaches to problem solving and addressing systemic oppression by taking bold and calculated risks.

Authenticity & Partnership – We celebrate genuine relationships with people, communities and organizations all working toward a common goal.


Reproductive Justice (RJ) is when all people and communities have the economic, social, and political power and resources to make healthy decisions about our bodies, sexuality, and reproduction.  This includes the right to have children, not have children, and to parent the children we have in safe and healthy environments.  To honor the history of the reproductive movement and the realities of reproductive oppression, organizations at the forefront of the reproductive justice movement must be led by women of color and low-income communities.  This definition has been adapted from Forward Together (an RJ organization based in Oakland, CA) and SisterSong (an RJ organization based in Atlanta, GA).

Reproductive Oppression is the regulation of reproduction and exploitation of people’s bodies and labor based on race, sex, sexual orientation, class, gender, sexuality, ability, age and immigration status.  This definition has been adapted from Forward Together.