Our Story

A phone call answered.

One woman on the line tells us her story — a story that represents the experiences of tens of thousands of people living in Minnesota and throughout the Midwest each year. People whose self-determination and dignity are being oppressed.

We answer each call with care, with honor, with the most resounding belief that these stories can be different, and the bravery to accept nothing less.

In 1967, abortion was illegal in the Midwest, single-parenthood was taboo, and adoption sent women and girls “away.” A small group of doctors and clergy came together to provide support to the people who were calling upon them for help. Pro-Choice Resources was founded to be a place where individuals, families and communities were treated with respect and dignity.

Since that day, we have been listening to each and every person who contacts us, providing the resources and support that each person tells us they need, educating about the inequalities and exclusion many people in our communities face, and serving as a BOLD voice for justice.

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