Emerge: A support group for people who have had abortions

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What is Emerge?

Emerge is a secular (non-religious) discussion and support group for anyone who has had an abortion. Emerge was created to fill the gap in after-abortion care – providing non-judgmental, emotional support for anyone.


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Emerge is open and welcoming to all people who have had an abortion, regardless of:

Race, religion or age
Economic circumstances
Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity or Gender Expression
Martial status
Political or philosophical perspective


How did Emerge begin?

In 2004, a group of women approached PCR for after-abortion care support.

In the summer of 2005, Abortion Provider Expansion Project Externship students researched the need for program, and then PCR developed Emerge based on the medical students research.

In early 2006, PCR collaborated with Chrysalis and the first Emerge group began in August 2006.

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What is the philosophy of Emerge?

Emerge aims to provide confidential, safe, private, and non-judgmental support for people who have had an abortion.

Emerge provides a place for people who have had an abortion to talk about abortion without judgement or stigma. Emerge participants cover topics such as guilt, stigma, isolation, grieving, and forgiveness.  All of the sessions are adapted to each individual group’s specific needs.

Emerge is there to help reduce feelings of isolation, reinforce coping mechanisms, talk about life goals, and work towards the acceptance of negative and positive feelings about abortion.

The Emerge Curriculum

Participants meet once a week for 6 weeks and each meeting lasts two hours. It begins and ends with the same group of women. This allows the participants to develop relationships so they can receive and provide support to one another.

To learn more about Emerge, click here.
No cost to attend, registration required.
To learn more about Emerge or to register to participate, contact us at 612-825-2000 or emerge@ourjustice.net
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