Reproductive Justice Is a Geek Thing, Too

IMG_1974A couple months ago we held another series of what are becoming regular Reproductive Justice Volunteer Trainings at Pro-Choice Resources.  These trainings are designed for us as a community to work together in unpacking the intersections of social justice and reproductive rights which represent what reproductive justice centers around.  This time we added an additional training for the cast of the local Rocky Horror Picture Show, who we were excited to share space with since they are very used to challenging normative ideas of gender and sexuality.

We were also joined by Bri Lopez Donovan, a talented writer and contributor to Twin Cities Geek.  Bri has written an excellent piece about her experience at this training, and she also began the pioneering work of outlining the intersections of geek culture and reproductive justice.  Check out Bri’s article here and gain some insight into geek culture, into reproductive justice, and into PCR’s Reproductive Justice Volunteer Trainings.


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