Year End Reflections

Year End Appeal Picture

The end of the year is a time of reflection, and as we reflect over the year at Pro-Choice Resources we are filled with appreciation and resolve. We are very grateful for your support of PCR and the thousands of people in our community that we work with and provide assistance to. We are resolved to lift up your, our, and every other member of this amazing community’s voice to ensure that our stories, informed by our lived experiences, direct the conversation on reproductive health care. We do so knowing the voices of those who promote a rhetoric of anger, intolerance, and hatred cannot be allowed to control the destiny of reproductive rights in this country.

Your support is greatly appreciated. Without you, there would literally be over 7,400 women, girls, and transgender people in Minnesota and the surrounding Midwest with nowhere else to turn. You have given them the gift of being able to make the sexual and reproductive health care decisions that are best for them. As we move forward, we can ensure our common goal of making Reproductive Justice a reality for all. Your support continues and expands EMERGE, our after abortion care support group, strengthens our Reproductive Justice grassroots advocacy program, and of course allows us to say yes to more people who call our line for abortion care funding.

We ask you to join us in continuing this work by reaching out to others in your community. Should you or someone you know be making year-end decisions for charitable contributions, we hope you will think of PCR and make your tax deductible gift before or on December 31. Please consider extending your support, lifting up our community, and joining the majority of people who believe in a person’s right to make personal health care decisions. We need to take back the narrative from those who threaten our essential human rights.

For close to half a century, PCR has been committed to ensuring that we amplify the voices of the people we serve, because these voices must not be silenced and must resonate across our state and nation. We will be in touch regularly throughout the coming year, and look forward to hearing from you in return.

Wishing you well,

Karen Law
Executive Director

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